does it behaves like MessageBox?

Oct 25, 2011 at 9:40 PM
Hi! I'm looking for a custom message box that behaves like the default message box. I mean, for example: 
when you do this:
//Confirmation with handlers.
CustomMessage confirmMessage = new CustomMessage("Do you like me?", CustomMessage.MessageType.Confirm);

confirmMessage.OKButton.Click += (obj, args) =>
    Message.InfoMessage("Thanks. You make me blush.");


If under this code you put some code, this code will be executed before you can interact with the messageBox pop up (thats because of the asynchronous behavior of silverlight)
I need this custom message box, because I have a problem when the browser is closed and the message box is open..the problem is that the messageBox does not close when you close the browser, because it is not a Silverlight control..
I hope you can help me..thanks in advance